Ace Heavy Haul parent company, Medallion Transport Holdings has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise Medallion Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Victims of Hurricane Harveymoney for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

With much of southeastern Texas in shambles, the company’s GoFundMe campaign, will help provide aid to families directly affected by the storm. The campaign’s goal is to raise $15,000 as soon as possible so the money can be dispersed to families in need.

Ace Heavy Haul’s sister company, NHH Services, has offices and a truck yard in Baytown, TX. The exact condition of the offices and yard are unknown as the area cannot be accessed due to flooding at this time.

Medallion’s VP of Heavy Haul, Jesse Merrell plans to drive to Baytown once he is able and roads are open to bring supplies and provide help to friends in and around Baytown.

“Let’s all come together to raise money and help as many families as we can. People need food and water, and basic everyday necessities,” said Merrell.

Medallion Transport Holdings’ CEO & President,Gary Weilheimer pledged an initial $1,000 to get the campaign going. The company plans to get involved as well as they work to reach their goal of $15,000.

Medallion Holdings is looking to donate this money directly to families in dire need, instead of donating to a large organization, so they can see the direct effect they have on a family or individuals.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday off the coast of Corpus Christi and is the worst hurricane to hit the United States in over a decade. Thousands were affected by the storm and more than 30,000 individuals have been displaced so far.

“My thoughts and prayers go out to our fellow Americans and their families. I also send thanks and prayers to the many first responders who are saving lives and will be doing so for days to come,” said Weilheimer.