Inspecting and caring for tires is a task not all truck drivers are excited to do, let alone have time to do, but if drivers knew more about how tires worked and could implement quicker inspections, the long term savings in tire maintenance expenses can be big.Taking Care of Truck Tires Could Result in Big Savings

A recent article published by, “What Drivers Need to Know About Taking Care of Truck Tires” says a 30-minuted weekly inspection could prevent on-road failure that could cost drivers several hours of downtime, which could potentially result in lost revenue.

Additionally, there are dangerous practices drivers use, only because they are not aware of any negative factors involved and one of those is reinflating a tire that has been run 20 percent or more under-flated. It is a good practice for drivers to check inflation pressure on a weekly basis. Damage could include zipper rupture which could result in injury to the driver or others, or a blowout on the road.

Tire Retread & Repair

Drivers should know about tire retread and repair options., the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau has some good information on the process and overall tire safety.

Tire Industry Association

The Tire Industry Association is also another great resource for truck drivers and tire safety. The website includes truck tire safety tips for drivers, training events and more.

Questions? Contact Ace Heavy Haul

Ace Heavy Haul is committed to driver support, especially when it comes to maintenance including regular inspections. We offer our owner operators a national tire purchase program and emergency road service, although preventative maintenance for safety and to avoid any down time is always encouraged. For questions about driver safety, give us a call at (918) 234-2400 or send an email to