After working diligently for months, Ace Heavy Haul is currently transporting two superloads from Oklahoma to an oil refinery in Southern California.

Two Superloads en Route to California

A reactor head on a 19-axle trailer, and a VSS chamber on a dual-lane trailer began the multi-state journey to an oil refinery in California this week.

The 19-axle has loaded dimensions of approximately 380,000 pounds, 185′ long, 25’8″ wide and 20′ high, and the dual-lane weighs in at about 548,000 pounds at 237′ long, 21’9″ wide and 19’5″ high.

These types of loads require much attention to detail, and Ace has seen the way from the start, including the state permit process and multi-state route surveys, and utility notification.

As each load pulled out this week, they were accompanied by a parade of bucket trucks, highway patrol cars and service trucks, and some will continue as they make their way along the route.

With a superload transport this size, some states limit travel to daylight only while others allow only night movement, in addition to other restrictions.

Ace is continuing to work closely with state and local jurisdiction to ensure a safe arrival in California.