The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Permits Branch issued a memorandum stating weekly short-term restrictions for annual permits can now be legally displayed on electronic devices by drivers as opposed to hard copy, printed versions. CA: Weekly Short-Term Restrictions Allowed in Electronic Format

Previously, Caltrans required these restrictions be printed each week as part of their legal California Annual Permit.

The memorandum states that the objective of this change is the following:

Allow drivers (of legal or oversize loads) operating under an Annual Transportation Permit to carry and display the Weekly Short-term Restrictions Update for Annual Permit Holders (Weekly Restrictions) in either printed or electronic format. The printed electronic Weekly Restrictions must be legible and contain no alterations. The driver can display the electronic document to law enforcement on an acceptable device (i.e. laptop, tablet or smartphone).

Before this change was announced, Caltrans required drivers to carry their Weekly Restrictions and all other permit accompaniments in their immediate possession at all times while operating on the California State Highway System.

Although the change is effective immediately, each Caltrans district may establish a list of appropriate restricted routes to accompany the Annual Transportation Permit, said the memo. Additionally, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) will provide requirements for acceptable electronic devices.

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For more info, view the entire Transportation Permits Policy memorandum. 

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