The 2018 Roadcheck Inspection Blitz is underway across North America (June 5-7), and there are some key tips to keep your drivers prepared and alert for the entire 72-hour period.ELD Tips for Roadcheck Inspection Blitz

According to, the top commercial vehicle inspection blitz violation from 2017 was hours of service which is the focus for this year with the recent ELD mandate.


Drivers need to be aware if they’re running an automatic on-board recording device or AOBRD, under a grandfather clause. AOBRDs are allowed in lieu of ELDs until December 2019, if fleets were using them prior to the 2017 ELD deadline. If a driver is running a grandfathered AOBRD, they need to be able to prove it via a driver log.


Drivers also need to be able to prove their exemptions, if they’re operating any ELD or hours of service/logbook exemptions. An example, is for those running older engines which have different ELD guidelines.


It’s important that all drivers carry the right documentation. If a driver is running a grandfathered AOBRD vs. ELD, the requirements are different.

For AOBRDs, here’s what’s required:

  • Instruction sheet describing how data can be stored and retried from the on-board recording system
  • Blank driver’s records of duty status graph-grids for recording driver’s duty status and other related information

For ELDs, the requirements are:

  • A user’s manual for the driver with information on how to operate the ELD
  • Instruction sheet for driver which describes the data transfer mechanisms supported by the ELD
  • Instruction sheet for driver which describes ELD malfunction reporting requirements and record keeping steps should the ELD malfunction
  • Supply of blank driver’s records to record duty status and other related information for at least 8 days

Transferring Data Files

It’s important that drivers know how to transfer data files, so the instruction sheet for this is a must.

Connectivity Problems

The top reported malfunciton with ELDs and AOBRDs is connectivity issues, specifically with the devices bluetooth not connecting properly to the device which transmits data from the engine. Being pulled over without the devices being properly connected can lead to a citation.

Need More Info?

The CVSA’s  2017-05 Hand-Held and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) Inspection Bulletin has some great info on requirements for devices used to record driver’s HOS.

Be prepared with more information on Roadcheck 2018, including what to expect during a Level 1 DOT Inspection.

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