This week – Monday, Dec. 3 through Friday, Dec. 7 – I-94 in several states will be conducting a blitz on truck drivers, looking for violations that could lead to a crash. "Eyes on 94" Blitz Means More Police Officers on I-94 This Week

The enforcement effort, referred to as “Eyes on 94” includes troopers from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Michigan who will be conducting the major blitz.

State Police and Highway Patrol will be looking for the following during the 5-day blitz:

  • Anyone speeding
  • Anyone tailgating
  • Passing improperly
  • Using lanes improperly
  • Distracted driving

Troopers will be monitoring I-94 and nearby connecting highways for any of these commercial vehicle violations, with the goal of minimizing truck crashes on a busy highway.

The four states team up every year to increase traffic safety and reducing crashes. During last year’s “Eyes on 94” blitz, over 700 trucks were stopped and 350 citations were issued while 373 warnings were given.

State officials conduct the blitz during this time of the year to bring forth awareness about safe driving where weather related crashes are known to happen like on I-94 through those four Midwest states.

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