Management, employees and vendors of Ace Heavy Haul will work alongside Crosby, Texas residents to help victims of Hurricane Harvey in a cleanup day organized to help families who are either Ace Heavy Haul to Participate in Hurricane Clean-upstill displaced or are in need of major repairs after the hurricane hit Texas in September.

The clean-up day will take place Saturday, Nov. 11 and volunteers will work together to repair structural damage to properties so families can move back into their homes or begin to live comfortably again.

Immediately following the storm, Ace’s holdings company, Medallion Transport Holdings, created an online crowd-funding campaign and began raising money for Harvey victims. Ace and sister companies, Medallion Transport & Logistics and NHH Services, raised over $11,000 which will be used during the clean-up efforts in Crosby. During this time, management also delivered several truck loads of supplies, including packaged food, water and clothing. Immediately following, some hurricane victims were without drinking water or clothing.

When Ace’s sister heavy haul company, NHH Services saw their Baytown office flood during the hurricane, the company also saw the direct impact the storm had on families, especially children. That’s when management connected with Barrett Elementary School in Crosby to help some of the families and children in the area. Through coordinating with Barrett, Ace, Medallion and NHH were able to disburse the money from the crowd funding campaign and worked toward being involved in the clean-up day.

Ace and some of its vendors are not the only volunteers coming out for the clean-up day. A Crosby area contractor is accessing the properties of the houses with the most severe damage so the money can be used toward buying the most needed supplies to make the necessary repairs.