The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) is advising all to expect delays on oversize/overweight permits.

They stated that although most OS/OW permits are issued in three business days, permits with more complex routes that require INDOT district approval will take additional time to process.Indiana Delays on Oversize/Overweight Permits

They are citing the Summer peak season and road construction for the delays.

To reduce the chances of a permit being delayed or rejected, the department encourages applicants to plan or check their route on INDOT’s Truckers’ Info website before applying.

Check with your oversize load permit provider and see if they can expedite as some have specific contacts or a better understanding of the permit approval process for both oversize loads and superloads.

According to the state, a new permitting system is in the works that will improve service and speed, the department adds. It is expected to launch this winter.

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