In March 2019, Pilot Flying J will be switching Wi-Fi service providers in an effort to improve functionality and provide a more streamlined user experience. Pilot Flying J Changes to Wi-Fi

All pricing and subscription types will remain the same.  This will not have an effect on Wi-Fi speed or connectivity, according to Pilot Flying J.

How to Redeem a Wi-Fi Credit (no more PIN codes) – If Guests are redeeming a Wi-Fi credit that they have earned, a loyalty card must be scanned during their purchase. A Wi-Fi credit will then be loaded to their myRewards account and can be redeemed upon successful login to the Wi-Fi portal. The same loyalty card used to fuel must also be added to their Wi-Fi account.
If Guests have issues with credits appearing they should call Wi-Fi Guest Services at 404-478-7388.

Other Changes worth noting:

Password Reset – Drivers  will be asked to reset passwords within 90 days if their current password does not meet new security requirements. This is a precaution that Pilot Flying J is taking to ensure their accounts are protected.

Wi-Fi Names – Pilot Flying J Wi-Fi will be identified as “Pilot Flying J – Free” and “Pilot Flying J – Premium”.

Three device connection rule – In order to provide guests with the best Wi-Fi experience and protect accounts, Pilot Flying J will be setting a maximum number of three devices that can be connected at the same time.

*Pilot Flying J Wi-Fi Guest Services (404-478-7388) will be fielding calls upon the switch.